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Land of our ancestors
~ 2000 modern languages
30 415 873 km2 (20.5%), 54 countries,  
1 034 139 682 inhabitants (2010), 34 inhabitants /km²
Main languages: Arabic, Tigrinya, Tamazight, Swahili, English, French, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Hausa, Bambara Yoruba, Dioula, Fang, Lingala, Bétés, Baoulés, Peul, Wolof, Soninké, Malagasy, Kituba.



Swahili stuttering
Crossing the Rift Valley
Crossing the glance of a giraffe


Living Pikine

Remaining quiet in Gorée

Looking for the entrance of the "No return" Door

Resting in the Sine-Saloum


Walking on Nabeul's rooftops

Taking pictures in Sidi Bou Saïd

Listening to Tunis street music

Discovering the Cité des Sciences