You will find here the details of my university career, but more than my diplomas, I wanted to make room for the paths that built me outside of the amphitheaters.

In this way, I present some readings, scientific films that I appreciate, memorable lectures...


University education

Professional Master's Degree in Scientific Communication
Research Masters in Molecular Anthropology
Master's degree in molecular and cellular biochemistry
Bachelor's degree in Biology



Talk, Communicate, Exchange, Share, Work together, Laugh together. Languages are practiced on the roads, during encounters, when setting up an international project, visiting neighbouring countries or more distant regions.
I love languages, I speak some, "communicate" in others. Click below for a preview...


MYSCIENCE European program for young journalist

(Bolzano, Italy - 2010)


Seminar on climate change

(Dortmund, Germany- 2008)


Science in Society in the 21st Century
(European Parliament, Strasbourg, France - 2007)



  • La musique de la vie (Denis Noble)
  • La vie est belle (Stephen Jay Gould)
  • The Language of God (Francis Collins)
  • L'avenir n'est pas écrit (Albert Jacquard, Axel Kahn)
  • Gènes, Peuples et Langues (Luca Cavalli Sforza)
  • Origines - Lettres choisies (échanges épistolaires de C. Darwin)
  • La vie de Galilée (Bertolt Brecht)
  • Génomes (T.A Brown)

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Movies / Documentaries

  • The Journey of Man (Spencer Wells)
  • Quest for the Phoenicians (Spencer Wells, National Geographic)
  • L'odyssée de l'espèce
  • Homo Sapiens
  • Le Sacre de l'homme
  • An inconvenient truth

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Because the Internet is a central element of our lives today, I wanted to present here some "ideas" that I like, I am excited and inspired by...



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